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We have found a couple of videos that we thought you might find useful. These quick fixes for everyday issues will keep your home feeling like new. If you need to winterize or unclog a drain we have you covered.

Time to winterize?

This simple outdoor faucet cover could save you thousands in damages if a pipe freezes. Don't take the chance this winter and install these covers during the freezing months so that you won't need us to repair water damage.

Smoke detector chirping?

Most smoke detectors are powered by a small 9-volt battery that will eventually die and need to be replaced.  When this battery is close to dying the smoke detector will start chirping periodically.  

Bathtub not draining?

It has to be done eventually, no one likes standing in a pool while taking a shower. Cleaning a drain is actually simple and quick to do. Unfortunately, this is routine maintenance but it will keep your home feeling like new.

Garbage disposal not working?

Running through these simple steps will help weed out common and easily fixable issues. It can save you money in the long run because typically, garbage disposals aren't broken but just have a power issue or an obstruction. 

Lights go out?

If your lights went out unexpectedly in part of your home, you might have tripped your circuit breaker. This is an easy fix and can be prevented by not overloading it with power hungry appliances like space heaters. 

Need to open your garage door manually?

If your power goes out or your garage door motor burns out you may want to know how to open your garage door manually. Thankfully, this is quite simple to do. Just be sure to disconnect the door when it is in the down position.

We offer a wide variety of home maintenance and home repair services. We are here to help you with your home improvement project.
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